Brian Wecht

Comedian, Musician, and Physicist

Brian Wecht is a comedian, musician, and theoretical physicist. After holding research positions at Harvard University, the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT, the Institute for Advanced Study, and the University of Michigan, Brian was a faculty member at Queen Mary University of London, where he worked on string theory, supersymmetry, and quantum field theory. In 2015, Brian left academia for a career as a comedy musician and YouTube gamer. With his bands Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb, Brian has released six albums, three of which have reached number one on the Billboard Comedy chart, and one of which was Top 10 overall. Brian is also a cast member on the YouTube video gaming channel Game Grumps, which has over 3 million subscribers. Finally, Brian is the co-founder and Los Angeles producer of The Story Collider, a science-themed live storytelling show and podcast.