Niki Athanasiadou

Dr. Niki Athanasiadou, is a research scientist at the New York University (NYU) using big data, statistics and machine learning to understand our attitudes towards food and healthy lifestyles. Niki holds a Master of Research from the University of York (UK), and received her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Edinburgh (UK). She has been awarded The Young Biochemist Award from the British Biochemical Society and her work has been published in various scientific journals. Niki is a passionate advocate for science outreach. She has organized outreach events with scientists at NYU, has written online articles about genome sequencing and its applications, and was a guest in the podcast “Data Skeptic” discussing big data and personalized medicine. Since 2015, in collaboration with various non-profits, she has developed the “Thinking like a scientist” talks, classes, and workshops to promote public understanding of the scientific method in New York city.