John Rennie

John RennieJohn Rennie is an award-winning science writer, editor and lecturer based in New York City. For 15 years he served as editor in chief of Scientific American. He is now editorial director for McGraw-Hill Education’s AccessScience (, the premier general science encyclopedia online. Rennie wrote “The Gleaming Retort” for the PLoS Blogs science blogging network and contributed regularly to the magazine sites and He is also remembered as the host and creator of Hacking the Planet, an original 2013 TV series for The Weather Channel. His other television and radio appearances include PBS’s Newshour, ABC World News, NPR’s Science Friday, the History Channel special Clash of the Cavemen, the Science Channel series Space’s Greatest Secrets, and many other programs. He is an adjunct professor of science writing at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University and a proud member of the faculty for the Beakerhead Science Communications program (formerly the Banff Science Communications program).