NECSS Workshops

In addition to the main conference programming Friday, Saturday and Sunday NECSS will offer educational (and fun!) workshops on Thursday May 12. Two concurrent tracks will be offered, comprised of four workshops each. Registration is limited to 25 attendees per workshop.

Event Details

Date: Thursday May 12
Time: 10:00AM – 05:00PM
Registration: $35 individually or $100 for a four-workshop multipass
Location: The workshops will be located in the lower level of FIT conference center. The entrance to the conference center is located on 28th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Upon entering you will proceed down one flight of stairs (an elevator is available) to the lower level. We will have a registration table set up outside of Seminar Room 9. You may then pick up your conference badge and we will direct you to the appropriate workshop room.

Please note — Main conference registration is required to register for workshops. 

Workshop 1
10:00AM – 11:15AM

Track A: Activism for Anyone

Leader: Steve Lundquist

Do you find yourself groaning or rolling your eyes as you surf the web? Would you like to get involved with helping fight the vast amount of misinformation on the internet? This workshop will provide you with a number of practical and fun ways you can help make the internet just a bit more rational. Please bring an internet connected device with robust browsing capability (laptop recommended).

Track B: The Skeptical Health Care Consumer

Leader: Steve Novella

How to interface with your physicians, other health care providers, as a skeptical non-expert, how to choose a good provider, and how to better understand how the health care system works.

Workshop 2
11:30AM – 12:45PM

Track A: Ask the Physicists!

Leaders: Neer Asherie and Brian Wecht

Interested in black holes? Superconductors? Protein folding? Physics in general? In this free-flowing, interactive discussion, you’ll have a chance to ask physicists with specialties in biophysics and particle physics/string theory anything you want.

Track B: How to Argue

Leader: Steve Novella

In this very interactive workshop, Dr. Novella will review how to use logical arguments as a method not to win, but to find the truth, by covering what to do and what not to do when arguing.

12:45PM – 02:15PM
Lunch (not included)
Workshop 3
02:15PM – 03:30PM

Track A: The Star Wars and Star Trek Universes: A Deep Dive

Leaders: David Kyle Johnson, Jay Novella, Steve Novella, and Brian Wecht

Description: Is Star Trek’s Prime Directive tenable? What is the precise nature of the Jedi faith? And just how dark really is the Dark Side, anyway? In this fun, free-flowing panel discussion, you’ll get a chance to talk in depth about these and other philosophically-minded topics from Star Trek and Star Wars with the Skeptics Guide To The Universe’s Steven and Jay Novella, and theoretical physicist Brian Wecht.

Track B: Master Authority NLP Skeptic Practitioner Speed Certification

Leader: Brian Walker

Neuro-Linguistic Programing is a form of psychotherapy, personal development and communication approach with a growing base of people becoming certified. My journey to earning my board certified Master NLP Practitioner, Board certified Master Certified NLP Hypnotist and Master Certified NLP Life Coach was the best $5,700 I ever wasted. Discover the facts and fiction behind NLP. Discover how NLP can almost instantly change any belief in this hands-on-New-York-paced-event. You will also discover why it was the best $5,700 I ever wasted.

All participants receive The World’s Fastest NLP Certification (certificate suitable for framing and a savings of $5,700).

Workshop 4
03:45PM – 05:00PM

Track A: VocalLab – A Participatory Tour Through the Science of Human Vocalization

Leaders: Hai-Ting Chinn

Learn or re-learn how the vibrations of those tiny vocal folds in your throat can produce such a wide variety of sounds, from the vowels and consonants that we comprehend as human language, to pitched sounds that we hear as song, to extended vocal techniques that may not even involve our vocal “cords.” Connect the anatomy, neurology, and physics of vocalization to our individual experiences of speaking, singing, hearing, and listening.

Track B: Improv for the Skeptically Minded

Leaders: Jay Novella and Brian Wecht

Improv comedy skills are not only fun, they’re also useful for learning how to think on your feet, public speaking, and communicating more effectively. This interactive workshop will be a low-pressure introduction to some basic improv skills, with examples and games chosen to appeal to scientifically-minded people. No previous experience required!