NECSS 2012 a Success!

Posted: April 25th, 2012

This past weekend NECSS once again packed the house at Florence Gould Hall, where a diverse group of presenters both entertained and enlightened the sold-out crowd. Before delving into planning for next year’s conference, the NECSS Organizing Committee would like to take a quick pause and acknowledge those who made NECSS 2012 a reality:

Of course, thank you to the 400+ conference attendees for your enthusiasm and passion for learning.

Thank you as well to the NECSS 2012 speakers for your commitment and eagerness to share your ideas and knowledge.

Thank you to the almost-30 intrepid and dedicated volunteers who staffed every area, from lobby to backstage, ensuring that speakers and attendees could relax and enjoy the weekend.

On the technical front, NECSS was joined this year by Alex Federici, who supervised every aspect of the filming and technical needs of the conference.

Chris Brown of the Meet the Skeptics Podcast and Craig Sachs added a great dimension to NECSS with behind-the-scenes interviews of speakers and attendees (already available on YouTube)!

Jamy Ian Swiss wore more hats than anyone else at NECSS 2012 as a conference organizer, emcee, and show-runner; Jamy has been key to the professionalism at NECSS.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe and Rationally Speaking podcasts are integral parts of NECSS, and each live recording has quickly become a conference highlight for NECSS attendees.

This year NECSS welcomed new sponsors, the James Randi Educational Foundation and the Center For Inquiry/Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and booths for both organizations were epicenters of lively conversations throughout the weekend.

We also had a fantastic and entertaining collaboration with The Story Collider this year, and we’d like to give a special thanks to Story Collider co-founder Brian Wecht.

Mark Bellncula, Cary Liberman, and composer Matthew Schickele gave NECSS a professional look and sound online, in print, and on video.   All of these organizations and individuals contributed to making NECSS 2012 not just a fantastic weekend, but a superb conference bustling with energy and the feeling that everyone in attendance was part of something special.

And for that, we thank you!

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